You can make money with HEMP, “The Genesis Plant”! 


CBD Hemp Oil is rapidly gaining in popularity, the demand for it is skyrocketing, it has numerous health benefits with “no” psychoactive  effects and you can now purchase it online from a US publicly traded company dedicated to quality!

This is your opportunity, no matter where you live in the US, to become a leader, or an educator, to bring products to people who need them,  and make money.  A great income potential!

By joining now you will be riding the wave of massive awareness and demand sweeping across America right now!

Hemp is meant to be a part of our food chain. All humans have a system in our bodies known as the Endocanabinoid System (ECS) that is starving for cannabinoids. We have been deprived of cannabinoids in modern society. In the past, we used to get these cannabinoids not only from eating hemp products but also from consuming milk from cows that used to be fed hemp since hemp is an innocent and very resilient industrial plant.

Important to know:  This opportunity is a Direct Sales Business Opportunity, this means you will have to order a starter pack, you have to pay $50 annually for membership, and have to have monthly orders in order to get paid commissions.

I make a lot of money with direct sales. The beauty is the low startup cost, and an infinite potential for residual income! 


IMPORTANT UPDATE As of November 2017:  The US DEA and Federal government are attacking CBD.. The legal status of CBD (even that derived from hemp) is up in the air making this opportunity a risky one!    Many companies sell CBD from hemp in stores and online across the US, technically the legal status of these sales is very unclear due to the blind hatred the Federal govt has towards anything to do with Hemp..   Due to this issue, and due to the fact that you can buy your own CBD online, such as here.

Due to this, I have decided to shift my focus to a product that is far more, well, completely legal and far more unique.  I am making income with the Hemp industry, also within the seed nutrition industry.. Both of these are direct sales businesses.

You get to pick, and it is your choice which of my 2 business teams you’d like to join,   hemp CBD or seed nutrition. 

I went with seed nutrition, as a nutritionist myself, is
1- it is raw food which compounds its health benefits
2-plant based (huge market)
3-proven to help with many health conditions
4-completely unique product not found anywhere else
5-bio-available, raw enzymes, minerals and vitamins!
6-potent anti-inflammatory powers
7-awesome profits starting with $20 commissions per box sold! 

Plus, no legal confusion or controversy. 


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Soon, you will be able to give the thumbs down to your job and walk away smiling, as you secure a solid and substantial residual income within a niche market that is growing by leaps!



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Both companies I am with will become a household name in a couple years,
The first, to bring CBD to America..and the first to combine potent super healing seed nutrition that’s unheard of until now!
and to offer us this
Direct Sales

Millions of people await to know about our products

Millions “need” CBD Hemp Oil!
Millions will be healed by the revolutionary field of seed nutrition.
Millions stand to benefit

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Question is, where will you be?